Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Extreme Love Book Trailer!!!

OMG, guys!!! I have to share this! Janna Mashburn made this stunning book trailer for Extreme Love that left me with chills and tears in my eyes. I'm a HUGE fan of the UFC/MMA and she completely captured Dante and the sport I love! The song she used is PERFECT! The entire thing is just perfect, down to the quote she used from the book and showing Caitlyn's struggle. I'm in awe of it, and just so overwhelmed that she chose Extreme Love to do this for. Thank you so much, Janna! You seriously have no idea how this made me feel by making this and its something I will never forget!

Wasn't it freaking awesome!!!!!! Here's the link for where it's located on youtube. Go give this girl a thumbs up!!!


  1. Way to go Janna! That is really well done. Love fanmade book trailers. :)

  2. Wow, congrats Abby and Janna! LOVED it!

  3. Awesome book trailer!!! Congrats Abby on the new release and Janna on this great book trailer.

  4. I normally don't like book trailers; I don't see what they add to a book. I make my pictures in my mind. But. This. Trailer. OMG!! This one is wonderful! This is an awesome example of what a book trailer should be and should do. If I like it, a person who doesn't like book trailers, imagine how it's going to affect everyone else! Congratulations on a major success. michelle_willms@yahoo.com