She’s going to strip him bare…

Single mom Madison Walker busts her ass working two jobs—exotic dancer by night and secretary by day, which includes playing barista to her boss, the insufferable, but hot as sin Jaxon Sutherland. If he’d take the silver spoon out of his mouth, he’d be a little more…sufferable. Maybe even downright irresistible. What the man needs is a good dose of reality, and he isn’t going to find that in the super-rich la-la land he lives in.

Billionaire investor Jaxon Sutherland has always liked the finer things in life and makes no apologies for it. The more expensive, the faster, the flashier, the better. So why are the disapproving looks from his sexy new secretary getting under his skin? Hell, why is he so tempted by a woman who most definitely doesn’t fit into his exclusive circle?

Their two worlds collide and a challenge is issued. One Jaxon can’t back down from. Stripped of all of his luxury, Jaxon shows Madison that underneath the expensive suits, he’s a decent man. A man Madison does find irresistible.

He fits into her world. But can a night-time stripper, day-time office gal and barely holding it together mother of two, fit into his?


"I loved this story. It was sexy and romantic, and I'd definitely recommend it if you enjoy hot, quick reads about billionaires falling for their secretaries."

"Fast, fully developed, enjoyable read. A terrific way to spend an afternoon."

"A cute fast read. Will read more from this author."

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