Her Forbidden Highlander

Have you ever wanted to trade places with the heroine in a romance novel?

Gabby Stone sure has.

Gabby has spent months obsessed with her new book boyfriend: the sinfully sexy highlander, Devlin McAlister. When she wakes up in a medieval castle, she believes she’s having an erotic dream and jumps right into the fantasy. But this is no dream. The impossible has happened and she is now starring as the heroine.

Making the choice between returning to her shambles of a life or shacking up with a muscular, kilted, highlander should be a no-brainer, but her new living situation comes with major strings attached.

A war between love and written word ensue. Can Gabby overcome an author’s vision to claim Devlin for her very own?



What kind of parallel universe had she warped into?

Gabby Stone rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she sat up in bed. Blinking, she studied the tapestry adorned stone walls surrounding her.

Yep, still there. What. The. Hell?

How had she gone from her queen-sized bed in her modest cabin to a monstrosity of a wood-framed bed in a dungeon?

Nope. That was crazy thoughts. People just didn’t wake up in what appeared to be a medieval chamber. She still had to be dreaming.

An icy breeze caused her to shiver. She crossed her arms over her chest, frowning when her hands came into contact with fabric. Being one to sleep in the nude, finding something other than skin was weird. Glancing down, her eyes widened at the peculiar shirt she wore. Gabby held up her arms, staring at the cream-colored folds hanging from her limbs.

What was this? The land of the pirates?

She gingerly lifted the string that held the shirt’s large V-neck closed and examined it. Which yummy argh matey did it belong to? Captain Jack Sparrow? A dark, brooding Once Upon a Time’s Captain Hook? Both? Man, now that would be a kickass dream.

Either way, whoever the shirt belonged to, the person was huge. Gabby’s body practically disappeared underneath the material. Lifting the shoulder of the shirt to her nose, she took a tentative sniff.

Aw, hell.

Closing her eyes, she buried her face in the fabric and inhaled. What was that mouth-watering smell? A mixture of sandalwood and smoke, not cigarette smoke, but an outdoorsy, wood-burning fire sort of smoke teased her senses. A kind of smell that spoke of a man who worked with his hands and enjoyed the outdoors.

Her kind of man.

Another icy breeze hit her and she shivered again. The least her stupid dreaming self could have done was pick a nice warm place to drift off to. The Caribbean would’ve been nice.

Spotting a dying fire in the grate against the adjacent wall, she pushed back the covers and stood. Frigid stone met her bare feet, the cold air wrapping around her naked calves and knees. She hugged her arms around her body tightly and hurried toward the orange embers glowing in the fireplace, the air warming as she stepped closer.

Should she have these sensations in a dream? Had she had them before and just forgot about them the moment she woke? Did she ask herself this every time she had a dream—every night?

She shook her head. Jeez. It’d explain why she never felt rested.

Everything surrounding her felt so real. As if she truly stood in a dungeon.

“Ye awake, lass.”

At the deep masculine voice, Gabby squeaked in surprise and whirled around.

Standing in the doorframe, not ten steps away, was the largest man she’d ever seen. Well over six feet tall, he towered over her own diminutive five foot two form. Dark hair spilled over powerful shoulders that spanned the width of the doorframe. A blue and gold patterned kilt rode low on his hips. His white shirt hung open to mid-chest and matched the one she wore.

Ahhh. Not pirates. Highlanders. Even better. 


"A unique twist on what can happen if you read the same romance novel too many times, fall in love with the hero, and want to give him a happier life than the author did. There are a few sex scenes, but not overdone. I definitely recommend this book."--Readaholic

"Okay wow! What a story idea. Going into your favorite book and becoming the heroine!!!! I so wanna do that, but then which book do I choose!?!?!? I loved Abby's MMA books, and this one was awesome as well! I wish it would have been longer, and more in-depth with each character, but still, I loved it! Seriously I can't imagine going into a book, it would be epic."--Sizzling Book Blog

"A short, little book that held me riveted from the very first crook of her little finger. The premise of the story doesn't seem quite plausible, but the author really carried it off. I just thoroughly enjoyed this little story."--Amazon Reader

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