Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

My Mom's Day started yesterday. I had a great tat session and then drove from Charlotte to Hickory to spend the night with my kids at my parent's house with the intent to cash in on Mother's Day. Yes, I am not above using Mother's Day guilt to get my kid's to do something with me. LOL. It's about the only way anymore. Damn computers.

I'm a HUGE movie person, but neither one of my kids are. So I pulled the Mom's Day card and got both my kids to go see Spiderman 2 with me. My son was pretty cool with it since he loves superheroes.

My daughter?

I got a heaved sigh and a roll of the eyes, but she went without a word. Ahhh. Love Mother's Day, lol. If it had been any ordinary weekend, I would have gotten stomping feet, crossed arms and huffing the entire time we were gone. You know...because superheroes are sooooo boyish. I can't get that child to realize that I'm a GIRL and don't miss a superhero movie. Ever. I guess this is the life of having a geek streak that runs deep with a child who curls her nose in distaste at anything associated with the word. It makes me sad. :)

In the end, we enjoyed the movie. I only had the girl pressing to go to the bathroom three times. I said no each time.

Number 1--I wasn't going to miss something.
Number 2-- I wasn't allowing her to go by herself.
And Number 3 (and most important)--she really didn't need to go. She just wanted to leave the theater.

At 10, that wasn't happening. Yes, I got huffing and crossed arms with each rejection of her plea, but guess what? As we were leaving, she didn't mention needing to run to the bathroom once. Do I know my kid or what? lol

I will admit that I did have a guilt moment for coercing them into going. I won't give any spoilers away, but something happens that had all three of us bawling our eyes out.  I mean BAWLING. I had a hard enough time accepting what I was seeing, but when your two kids are sitting beside you sobbing with you...all it feels like is an epic parent fail. The review from my son afterwards was, it was really good, but I didn't like the end. Me too, son. Me too.

This morning we got up did the mom day thing with my mother. Yesterday, she took the twins to get me a rose. I got a red one from my son and a white one from daughter. They are sitting on the dining room table now. When we got back home, we went for ice-cream and I once again used Mom's day to get them to agree to watch the season finale of Once Upon a Time with me. You see how this works? LOL. I did get some lip over this one from both of them. I honestly will probably let them off the hook and just curl up on the couch with myself.

All in all, a great Mom's day. I hope each of you had a great one too!

Here's a pic of me and my twinks.

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